Opus 50 Charitable Trust


The Opus 50 Charitable Trust is a public Trust. It derives its funds from the general public and family members through donations.

The Trustees of The Opus 50 Charitable Trust have established this public fund for charitable purposes for the promotion of music with the aim of encouraging persons with talent to make their way in the music world and to allow singers, instrumentalists, composers and other musicians or persons wishing to pursue a career or vocation in these fields to develop and explore their talents beyond which they have already achieved.

The Trustees of The Opus 50 Charitable Trust expects Australian musicians to develop their career in musical studies and gain experience in performing and entertaining.

The Trustees are directing their support at:

    * existing organisations, such as choirs, players of chamber music, opera studies music institutions and ensembles to facilitate creativity in performing arts.


  1. *a special musical project.   

  1. *there is no provision for assistance to individual students.

Such groups are invited to apply, outlining their plans or program, commencement dates and duration of the project, together with a budget.

Financial support is in Australian dollars to organisations in Australia.

Applications may be completed and forwarded to the Trustees by post or email.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Mary de Jong, Trustee

Aim and Purpose